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Custom Built Systems

We can build you a system designed exactly to your specifications. Tell us what you mainly want to use your PC for and we can build it to your specification. Whether you are a gamer or an occasional user that just browses the web and uses email, we have a cost effective solution for you!
Malware Removal

A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user. It is important to make sure that your virus protection is up to date. If not, you may be so infected that we have to backup your data and restore the system. Computer viruses and spyware are programmed to run hidden in the background of your computer and can severely decrease the speed and performance of your computer. If you suspect there is something fishy going on, there probably is. Call for a free evaluation and well make you a recommendation.

Ask about options that are FREE!
$100 Flat rate
Operating System Restore

If your computer refuses to start or only starts up to a blue screen, dont throw it away, we can help! In some cases, wiping your computer completely clean and restoring the system may be the only viable solution. Sometimes its actually not a bad idea to start from scratch, especially if the computer is over 3-4 years old. The up side is that your computer is restored to its factory state, like you got it out of the box! The downside to this is that you may have to reinstall a lot of applications.

$100 Flat rate
System Upgrades

Before you think about throwing away your desktop or laptop and replacing it with a new one, consider upgrading. Most desktops and laptops are made to be upgraded in the future. Upgrading can increase your computers storage space and improve its performance. Give us a call for a free evaluation and well give you our recommendation along with a variety of cost effective options.

$40 Flat rate + parts (Add memory or hard drive)
$60 Flat rate + parts (Upgrade to a larger hard drive - Laptops) - Includes transfer of files and settings!
Internet & Networks

Call us and well install your new internet setup or upgrade an existing connection. If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, or your connection just seems slow, give us a call and we can help. If you live in an apartment building or have close neighbors you must lock your connection. Unsecure connections will be considerably slower than their potential if not properly secured. We can also configure your PCs to share files across the network. You can play music or view photos on your desktop from your laptop! No matter how many computers you have, they will all be able to see each others files!

+$50 Flat rate
Data Backup & Recovery

If you have important files that you cannot afford to lose, it is important that you backup your files. Hard drives have been known to crash unexpectedly. If your hard drive crashed right now, what would you miss the most? Dont lose priceless music and photo collections. In the event that you do lose something, we may be able to recover it. Whether it has been emptied from the recycle bin or you have reformatted your hard drive, there is still a chance we can recover it. We are able to recover dataoff hard drives, thumb drives, SD cards from your camera, scratched CDs and other types of drives.

$100 Flat rate for Data Recovery
$50 Flat rate for Data Backup
Ipods, Cameras PDAs & Home Theatres

If you recently got a new gadget and cant seem to figure out how it works, give us a call and well come and install your new device, set it up and show you how to use it! From iPods to High Definition televisions and home theatre systems, we can do it all.

Get the most out of your high-tech devices!


For every three customers you refer, you are eligible for a free Memory or DVD Drive Upgrade, all you have to pay for is parts. If you havenít upgraded, chances are you could greatly improve your computerís performance!

Everybody could use a memory upgrade. 99% of systems are built to be upgraded in the future.

North End Nerds guarantees your satisfaction and that you will see a noticeable improvement in your computerís performance after receiving a tune-up.

Many people are ready to throw their computer out the window before we work our magic. We will make it run like new again, guaranteed! If youíre not happy with the service provided, you will not be charged a fee!

North End Nerds also guarantees that the technician servicing your PC or home network is:
CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certified.
These are industry standards and prove competency as PC Repair Technicians.

With this guarantee comes the assurance that the technician working or your PC knows exactly how to diagnose and solve the problem at hand in a timely fashion.
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North End Nerds is a small start-up company located in the North End of Boston. Ryan Clary, the Owner of North End Nerds, is currently running a one man show.

He obtained a Bachelorís degree in Business Administration at Suffolk University in 2008. He currently also holds the three following certifications:
-CompTIA A+ -CompTIA Network+ -CompTIA Security+

North End Nerds was started in 2008 with a dedicated mission to provide the Boston area with superior PC support at a reasonable price. With todayís society becoming more and more technically complex, we are here to provide a friendly, local, personalized and reliable service.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Mission: Our Mission is to provide friendly, personalized, and affordable computer support to the Boston Community. It is our priority to make sure you are fully satisfied.

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